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 I'm happy you came. My name is MAMTA Patel, and I'm from the prosperous Indian state of Chattisgarh. I began this journey with a love of natural remedies and Ayurvedic medicine in an effort to educate people about the benefits of over-the-counter drugs and reasonably priced home cures for a range of ailments. Simplifying and expanding access to healing is my aim.

I look into the prospects of conventional therapy for viral and non-viral ailments since I find ayurvedic procedures fascinating. My website's primary focus is on the thoroughly examined advantages of several over-the-counter plant-based drugs. Every post reflects my dedication to provide accurate and trustworthy information.

I received a diploma in pharmacy from my college in 2023. I work in a field that has its roots in medicine right now...I started this website because I'm passionate about educating and empowering people with information on using medicinal plants for self-medication to cure a range of health issues.

Kindly get in touch with me at mahamayapatel5@gmail.com if you have any insights, counsel, or recommendations regarding this noble journey. I'm grateful that you are reading my blog as I continue to learn about the wonders of natural health.

Name - MAMTA

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