Medicinal purposes and use of castor oil


Medicinal purposes and use of castor oil

Vegetable oil with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities is castor oil.

Also referred to as oleum ricini, palm oil, ricinus oil, castor bean oil, and castor oil seeds.

Applications in medicine

Ricinoleic acid acts as a cathartic because of its irritating properties.

It serves as lubricant.

It is occasionally taken orally as a fragrant castor oil or as capsules.

Ricinoleic acid is a component of contraceptive creams and jellies, and it is a constituent in abortifacient paste.

It contains suspended cocaine and atropine used for ophthalmic applications.

Being a potent bacteriocide, sulphorecinolate is utilized in the development of teeth.

It provides the lipase enzyme.

It is employed in the industrial production of sebacic acid.

Some fungicide like undecylenic acid prepared from castor oil.            


    Chemical composition 

Castor oil contains about 80% of triglyceride of ricinoleic acid.the fatty acids present in the drug are isoricinolic , linolenic,stearic and isostearic acid .Ricinoleic acid is responsible for the viscosity of castor oil.

Castor seeds contains kernel (75%) and hull (25%). The seeds are rich in phosphorus and most of it is in the form of phytin.Hull contains excess of minerals and an alkaloid ricinine,resin, pigment,etc.kernel contains 36-60% of oil.

Castor seeds Also contains enzymes like lipase, maltase, and invertase.the proteinous constituent of castor seeds is ricin (3% of the whole seeds) which is toxic.


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