Medicinal uses of honey in different types of impact

 Medicinal uses of honey in different types of impact 

the only material on Earth with a chemical makeup extremely similar to human blood. When consumed uncooked, it has a certain effect. It has a different kind of effect if it is consumed in cold water. Maintaining the blood's purity and chemistry in a specific balance will undoubtedly occur.
Excellent diet for kids that helps to develop their cognitive capacities.
There are a group of tribes in Karnataka known as the Jenukurubas. To be called janukurubas is to be a shepherd of honey. Their breakfast consists of one bamboo glass, which holds approximately one-fourth of a liter. All you need for the diet is three-quarters of a liter of honey in the morning. They are known as honey and they thrive on this. Honey is the staple meal of shepherds. One of the best foods you can eat is honey. All of these things—physiological stability, physical health, and vitality—can be considerably improved by regularly consuming honey.

Utilizing honey

  • The only material on Earth whose chemical makeup is almost identical to that of human blood is honey. Change a few variables, and it becomes nearly identical to blood. 
  • Honey has several health benefits when consumed regularly, especially for those with excessive mucous problems. It has several health benefits, including heart health, brain health, mental alertness, and high levels of energy. 
  • Therefore, consuming honey on a daily basis can have many benefits, particularly if you have growing children. Honey will help improve your children's brains and other skills. 
  • Even the ash gourd can be included in a diet that will greatly benefit children's cognitive development when combined with honey.

How should we use honey?

  • Honey will turn deadly if cooked. Though I understand that some people bake and cook honey in cakes and other recipes, this is not a good idea because some of the honey turns poisonous. 
  • Instead of cooking honey in boiling hot water, you should cook it in warm water, as the hot water sets off certain enzymes that cause the honey to behave in a way that tends to make the body lose weight. It's not as though consuming a few spoonfuls of honey makes you heavier.

  • It simply triggers a particular reaction in your body whereby your absorption rate is accelerated, leading to an inclination toward weight gain. Thus, honey, it affects the system in a variety of ways.

  • Since we want the system to open up, we want to ingest it in this warm water. When integrating the system just for health-related purposes.
  • Someone is experiencing anemia, which on the one hand indicates that your blood has lost iron, which implies you have lost your steel, okay? 
  • The body will no longer have the strength to endure, and you will feel completely spent for no reason at all because the essential iron is no longer present. You have less oxygen in your body to carry around. That implies that due to a lack of oxygen, every part of your body—including your heart and brain—will work at a reduced capacity.

  • One easy way to address this is to drink a small amount of honey in warm water every day. You'll notice that the RBC content gradually increases. 
  • Increased blood oxygen levels cause an abrupt surge in energy, causing the body's renewal system to function more efficiently and replace dead cells more quickly. This also results in a significant reduction in both the body's and the mind's sense of inertia.

  • As a result, eating honey will balance the circulatory system, which is highly important for yoga practitioners as they are pushing their bodies to certain limits. Honey purifies the blood and adds a certain translucency to your energies, so it's a must for anyone who practices yoga and wants to keep their blood chemistry in a certain balance and pure.
  •  Turmeric also performs similar functions to keep the blood pure. One chemical that affects the physiology as well as the energy system is turmeric. The same is true for honey, which also affects the energy system. You get more lively when you have honey. You feel kind of peaceful and relaxed after taking turmeric.
  • You start the morning with a small amount of turmeric, neem, and honey . The ingestion of Neem and turmeric along with a moderate amount of honey water (it should be very mild, middle-laced honey water) works wonders for cleaning the system and dilates it. This means that when you perform Sadhna, it not only makes the muscles more flexible, but also that the dilation causes the muscles to become more flexible, which in turn makes the system more powerful over time.
  • A significant amount of toxins must be eliminated from the body in order to achieve a new degree of flexibility. A water diet, or a diet that combines water and honey, will keep you sufficiently energized.
  •   If you are not already bone thin,if you can afford to lose a little bit of weight,if you put honey, you won't lose weight also if you add enough honey,or you take spoon full of honey, you won't lose weight,if you do this 7-8 days, the amount of toxicity that you expels from the body is tremendous. 
  • If you find your body is so much more flexible. Just experiment don't believe all this. So honey plays an important role.

People who are doing yogic practice, it is good to consume honey.

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