How to overcome from irregular period

 How to overcome from irregular period 

Let's concentrate on a frequent issue today: irregular menstruation, and how yoga might assist treat this ailment.

Let's examine a few yagasana that may aid in menstrual cycle regulation.

Women should strive for an active lifestyle and engage in at least moderate levels of daily activity, such as the following asanas:


Because it applies deep pressure to the utero, or abdominal muscles, and the genito, or urinary muscles, which are typically in a relaxed condition, it is particularly beneficial for women. 


It also supplies the sex organ with new blood at the same time.

(2) Bhadrasana 


It strengthens the muscles in the lower abdomen and extends the pelvis and groin to great lengths.

(3) Sarvangasan

A full body reversal posture would be it. 


Gravity acts to your favor there and helps to maintain hormonal balance by accelerating the outflow of blood vessels in the abdomen and pelvic organs.

(4) Ashwini mudra and hip bath

Every day, spend at least six minutes sitting in a tub of warm water with your legs outside before taking a bath.

Hip bath 

Contract and release the anal and genital muscles to do the Ashwini mudra. Inheal as you contract; do this slowly and deliberately for two to three minutes.

Ashwini mudra strengthens the uterine muscles and balances the menstrual cycle; some ladies have had remarkable benefits from doing Ashwini mudra and hip baths every day.

Ashwini mudra 

This practice ought to end as soon as the menstrual cycle returns to normal.

In fact, taking a hip bath helps a person's anal and vaginal muscles contract and relax. Following two to three minutes of Ashwini mudra, the practitioner should sit quietly, perhaps even sing a song, then discard the water, take a bath, and exit.

(5) To eat healthily in order to keep a normal weight

You know, if you maintain a normal weight, many of our health issues—including anomalies in the menstrual cycle—will eventually go away. The easiest way to achieve this is to eat straightforward, wholesome, freshly prepared cuisine. Consuming unripe papayas, mangoes, and pineapple can help control the period.

Yes, ginger is a great addition. 

Gingerol, which is found in ginger, aids in improving hormonal balance and constricting the uterine muscles. Include ginger in all of your meals and make ginger tea by heating up some crushed ginger roots in a cup of water.

(6) Pranayam and meditation

Maintaining a balanced mental state is crucial for restoring equilibrium to your body's functioning. If you would like to sing an affirmation every day, learn how to mimic from a skilled instructor or use an app for practice.

Daily practice of the traditional pranayam anulome vilom will also assist you in maintaining a balanced condition of mind and body. 


Every woman has a responsibility to protect her health from these conditions, to which she is especially susceptible as a woman. Your reproductive health can be readily managed and balanced as a woman. Just pay closer attention to what your body needs and give it some tender loving care.

If you take care of yourself as we have described in this post, you will undoubtedly have a regular menstrual cycle and there shouldn't be any pain or suffering during this period either.

Thus, take responsibility for your health and happiness.

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